27 January 2017

Hearts Knit Together

A couple nights ago, Buns and I had the chance to go to the temple together.  It had been a really long time for both of us.  Life happens, and even though we live so flippin' close, we just couldn't make it happen to get ourselves there!

We kind of rushed around right before heading over to the temple that night and were scrambling to get things semi ready for my sweet sister to put the kids to bed easily.  We were feeling like hot messes all around, and I all of sudden was vibing to ditch the temple and just go out for dinner.  I mean babysitters are far, few, and in between ya know?  But we promised ourselves to go, so stuck with Plan A.

After making it out of the house and driving to the temple, we were still a little wired from the hectic evening.  We decided to hit up the Provo City Center Temple instead of our go-to Provo Temple where we got hitched.  When we drove in the underground parking, turned our phones off, and walked inside, I hate to say I was pretty surprised at how immediate the relief was.  We literally both looked at each other and laughed at how easy we forgot the spirit that comes from the temple.

This blog is turning more into a journal for our family and the only place I know to go for recorded memories, so sorry for the sappiness, but let's talk about Buns. My man.  My best friend.  I am so grateful for him.  He is the sweetest guy around.  He keeps life light when it could get pretty heavy pretty quick.  He turns the bad into bearable.  He fulfills my every need in a best friend.  He listens and is in tune with my emotions.  Which as women, I think we can all agree is hashtag crucial.  I want our kids to always know how much I love him.  I want them to see the way I look at him and know how deeply I respect him.  I couldn't have hit the jackpot any more than I did.  I love you Todd!!

26 January 2017

Reese's 3rd Birthday!

I could spend about an hour ranting about how much I'm over the winter and all the sickness that comes with it, but I'll just delve right into our baby girl's 3rd birthday!  Even though sickness stole the celebration from her haha.

The first two weeks of December were brutal for our family.  Lots of sickness, no fun.  Well the week before Reese's birthday, she was starting to act more like herself and finally seemed to come out of the funk!  So we pulled together a last minute princess party with her cousins.  She wore her favorite princess dress at the time, Rapunzel, and we were off to celebrate! But lo and behold as soon as we finished dinner, poor Reese was completely out of it.  It was like all the excitement and locomotion was just too much too soon!  She was snuggling her daddy most of the night, while I did some princess games with the cousins.  I felt so horrible she couldn't enjoy her birthday and felt even worse like it was maybe too much too soon!  Her cousins were just the sweetest to her, as well as her aunts and uncles.  They love their Reese, and I'm so grateful for how much they do.

Thankfully, after coming home and going right to bed, getting a good sleep, she woke up, the morning of her actual birthday, feeling much better! The best birthday gift ever!  We had her eat her birthday pancakes and open a couple presents, and she was happy as could be.  She's just a happy, easy-going girl lately.  The littlest things brighten her day, and she's a constant reminder to us to live simply and enjoy each moment.  She's a ray of sunshine in our home, and there would be such a hole in our hearts without her here with us! 

Later in the evening, we had her open up some gifts from the party the night before that we didn't get to because she was feeling so sick, and I think she about had a heart attack with all the princess swag. LOL.  She was struttin' around in her Elsa outfit like she was the talk of the town. 

Grandma and Grandpa Barrett also came down to wish her a happy birthday and open some presents.  We sure love having a set of grandparents close by, but we sure miss her other grandparents too!  She is loved so much by all her grandparents.  You are one lucky lady Roni!

Bottom line is we couldn't be more lucky to be your parents Reesey.  You have a contagious, bubbly personality that has lightened our life and brought us so much joy.  Every morning you greet us with the sweetest, "Hi mom!" and it melts my heart every morning.  You run up to us randomly to give us big squeezes, and you've always been such a good listener.  You already watch out for your baby bro Riggs and are always making sure he's part of whatever you're doing.  You love to include him in all your adventures and pretending.  We love you angel!  Don't you ever change!

Happy 3rd Birthday!

07 November 2016

Holidays Are Here...Say WHAT.

Things have seemed pretty chill here lately.  But oh so great.  This chick has been keeping us laughing at how cute she's been, and Riggs is starting to be a little cray cray running everywhere.  Today he's just been running from the bedroom to the front room, back and forth back and forth.  Reese is potty trained now which is awesome.  I wasn't sure if she was ready or not, especially after the first couple weeks, but she is handling it like a champ now.  Hallelujah!

I can't believe it's fall.  November.  It's flipping November 7th.  Reese's birthday is in a month and a week.  What on earth!?  She'll be 3.  Thanksgiving will be here soon and then Christmas, and it's just madness.  I'm so excited for the holidays.  I'm sad because I won't get to see my parents and some of my family, but I'm grateful to have the family close by that we do have.  

I'll be whipping up a holiday fun list soon that I'll share.  Maybe we'll get a third of it checked off this year. MAYBE. Lol.  It's just fun to have something to look forward to even if it doesn't all get checked off.  I'm trying to embrace the flow of life more lately.  Quit making so many to-do lists and savor more of the moments.  I'm trying to slow down.  I'm a fast-paced chick in a lot of ways, but need my down time.  Holidays bring out the down time in me.  I know it's the busiest time of year too, but man oh man, I love me some chillaxin'.  Especially some holiday chillaxin' Christmas music,  stuffed Turkey Day bellies, family galore, Hallmark movies (don't even hate...I blame my momma!), baking, parties, crafts, giving.

06 November 2016

Letter for my Babes

Dear Babes, 

I pray you always stay positive.  That you see the good in everyone.  That you CHOOSE to let light in your life and to rise above whatever sour lemons may be handed to you.  

"Heavenly Father is constantly raining blessings upon us. It is our fear and doubt that, like an umbrella, block these blessings from reaching us."

In this video, I think it's interesting how the woman at first recognizes those blessings falling.  She is happy and unaffected by the people around her.  Then she recognizes how people are looking at her.  She sees that she is different.  It seems to make her question the joy she is feeling.  She follows suit and opens her umbrella.  But then she sees a flower sprouting from the sewer.

She is reminded of the MANY blessings she has in her life.  She sees the good again.  Despite how the world perceives her.

This was my interpretation of this little Mormon Message today.  It was a much needed reminder. 

I hope that y'all will not be affected by those around you who may perceive your happiness as childish.  Those that think you do not understand the world and its heartache.  Those who might think you are too sheltered from the world.  That your happiness is over the top or immature.  Even naive.  

Don't you dare let the world taint your happiness.  Don't you let what others think make you feel silly for letting your light shine.

Shine bright my babes.  Be happy.  See the blessings that God is pouring down on you.  I know it's hard sometimes.  Really hard.  But the blessings are there.  I swear!!!

Be proud of who you are and dare to be different!

Love, Yo Momma

Source: Living the Gospel Joyful

17 October 2016

Day 5: Little Things

A writing memoir prompt series by Ann Dee Ellis that I found through the C. Jane Kendrick blog. I'll be trying my hand at these 8 minute memoirs because I miss writing, and I need something relatively productive to use my brainpower for that doesn't involve the ABCs or 123s. #momlife #poundit

That look on Rigg's face when he knows he's being naughty.
Reese asking for a hug lately, wrapping her arms tight around me and tickling my back while we hug.
Memories of watching Harry Potter movies with my siblings around Christmas time.
Treats from my visit teachers even when I completely forget about our appointments.
Riggs busting a move to Justin Timberlake.
Reese smiling so cute when I get excited about her pooping on the toilet. 
Riggs waddling around with his bottle before bedtime.
Halo top ice cream after kids are in bed.
Buns doing the dishes, even if was just because he was rectifying an argument.
A clean living room.
Making a fall and winter bucket list.
Holding Reese's hand.
Kissing Riggs juicy cheeks.  Those real big suction cup kisses. Like 20 of them.  In a row.
Protein hot chocolate.
Making plans for a magical summer.
Reading Harry Potter books in the fall.
My 3rd grade class I student taught.  Faith.  She was my favorite student.
Back tickles from Buns.

It really is the little things that make life so beautiful!

12 October 2016

Day 4: Adventure

A writing memoir prompt series by Ann Dee Ellis that I found through the C. Jane Kendrick blog. I'll be trying my hand at these 8 minute memoirs because I miss writing, and I need something relatively productive to use my brainpower for that doesn't involve the ABCs or 123s. #momlife #poundit

{Winter 2015}

Can I be completely honest?  This one has me started out a little sadder than usual.  Nostalgic maybe?  I'm not really sure.  I feel like in my head I have a lot of thoughts about going on adventures.  A lot of plans put on the back burner.  A lot of things I dream to do one day.  Mostly with my family.  Some just with my Buns.  Some are more grandiose than others.  But  a lot of them consist of seemingly simple things.  A lot of nature.  

I like need to have access to the beauty of nature.  I love beaches.  I love cool sand in between my toes.  I love warm sand in the heat of the middle of the day in July.  I like looking out into the vastness of the ocean.  It makes me feel really calm and peaceful.

I love retreating up into the mountain for hikes, camping, bonfires, or just to drive.  I love the crispness of fall up Provo Canyon.  I love seeing the tops of the mountains beginning to get dusted with snow.  I love summers in the canyon.  I love all the beauty of the mountains.  I just love it.

I miss Tennessee.  I miss the country.  I miss rolling hills and Southern charm.  I miss deep woods and winding roads that go forever.  I miss the cool, refreshing, perfect falls of TN.  I think I just miss home.  I miss my parents.  I miss them so much it hurts lately.  I have been longing for my family to be together.  My entire family.  It's been too long.  Too long for my heart.

I think adventures seem crazy to think about right now because we're trying to navigate the adventure that is life right now.  I know, I know...a little too cheesy for me even as I type it out.  But I would be lying if I said things didn't feel a little completely unsettling right now.  

I'm so excited for my babe.  He just got accepted to Rocky Mountain University of Healthcare Professionals Physical Therapy Program here in Provo!  Seriously so proud of him.  Looking like maybe we'll end up here in Provo for the next few years...heck, maybe we'll be here in Utah for good.  
Again, I'd be lying if that wasn't completely and totally unnerving.

*Heavy sigh*

I guess that's the adventure I've been most thinking about.  Is the adventure of the next 5 years and where it will take our family.  It's exciting, scary, intimidating, confusing, and mostly amazing.  

Okay, I don't want to think about it anymore.

On a lighter note, I'd love to adventure to England and see all sorts of Harry Potter film locations.

05 October 2016

Day 3: Billboards

A writing memoir prompt series by Ann Dee Ellis that I found through the C. Jane Kendrick blog. I'll be trying my hand at these 8 minute memoirs because I miss writing, and I need something relatively productive to use my brainpower for that doesn't involve the ABCs or 123s. #momlife #poundit

I don't really notice billboards anymore.  I can't even remember the last time I took notice to what a billboard said.  

I take that back. 

On the way to Salt Lake City a few weeks ago, I did see a billboard I'd never noticed before.  It was a huge one of the SLC Temple.  The steeple of the temple with Moroni on top poking from the top of the billboard extending past the typical rectangular border.  

Nice headquarters, nice.

Other than that I mostly remember staring at billboards during road trips trying to find words that started with whatever letter of the alphabet I was on in the alphabet game.  You know...the one where you go through every letter of the alphabet and find a word that starts with that letter on billboards, signs, license plates, semi trucks...


Growing up it was with my 3 younger siblings.  Road tripping to the beach or to visit family.  Grandma and Grandpa Dickerson.  Grandpa Wunnenberg and Aunt LouAnn.  Virginia Beach.  Williamsburg.  I miss those road trips.  I miss VA sometimes.  I miss childhood.  My grandma recently passed away.  She and my grandpa lived in Norfolk.  Their house was awesome.

Horseshoes in the backyard.  The creaky swing.  I remember swinging as high as I could to peek over their high fence.  Sneaking into their dog Quincey's area to cuddle him.  That was before he got crazy.  The creepy lady of the sea statue as you go down their stairs.  Uncle Kyle's bowling pins and streamers.  Hashbrowns for breakfast from Grandpa.  Don't go near the cereal.  Expiration date 10 years prior.  Sometimes the candy jar had fresh candy in it.  Sometimes it had candy from 3 Christmases prior.  The room upstairs with toys and videos to watch.   The waterbed.

I wish I could have gone to her funeral.  Being far away from family is really hard sometimes.  The more my littles grow up the more I realize how much I want family in their life.

I can't wait to take our kids on more road trips.  They can make their own memories from the billboards on the way to wherever we go adventuring.