27 January 2017

Hearts Knit Together

A couple nights ago, Buns and I had the chance to go to the temple together.  It had been a really long time for both of us.  Life happens, and even though we live so flippin' close, we just couldn't make it happen to get ourselves there!

We kind of rushed around right before heading over to the temple that night and were scrambling to get things semi ready for my sweet sister to put the kids to bed easily.  We were feeling like hot messes all around, and I all of sudden was vibing to ditch the temple and just go out for dinner.  I mean babysitters are far, few, and in between ya know?  But we promised ourselves to go, so stuck with Plan A.

After making it out of the house and driving to the temple, we were still a little wired from the hectic evening.  We decided to hit up the Provo City Center Temple instead of our go-to Provo Temple where we got hitched.  When we drove in the underground parking, turned our phones off, and walked inside, I hate to say I was pretty surprised at how immediate the relief was.  We literally both looked at each other and laughed at how easy we forgot the spirit that comes from the temple.

This blog is turning more into a journal for our family and the only place I know to go for recorded memories, so sorry for the sappiness, but let's talk about Buns. My man.  My best friend.  I am so grateful for him.  He is the sweetest guy around.  He keeps life light when it could get pretty heavy pretty quick.  He turns the bad into bearable.  He fulfills my every need in a best friend.  He listens and is in tune with my emotions.  Which as women, I think we can all agree is hashtag crucial.  I want our kids to always know how much I love him.  I want them to see the way I look at him and know how deeply I respect him.  I couldn't have hit the jackpot any more than I did.  I love you Todd!!

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