07 November 2016

Holidays Are Here...Say WHAT.

Things have seemed pretty chill here lately.  But oh so great.  This chick has been keeping us laughing at how cute she's been, and Riggs is starting to be a little cray cray running everywhere.  Today he's just been running from the bedroom to the front room, back and forth back and forth.  Reese is potty trained now which is awesome.  I wasn't sure if she was ready or not, especially after the first couple weeks, but she is handling it like a champ now.  Hallelujah!

I can't believe it's fall.  November.  It's flipping November 7th.  Reese's birthday is in a month and a week.  What on earth!?  She'll be 3.  Thanksgiving will be here soon and then Christmas, and it's just madness.  I'm so excited for the holidays.  I'm sad because I won't get to see my parents and some of my family, but I'm grateful to have the family close by that we do have.  

I'll be whipping up a holiday fun list soon that I'll share.  Maybe we'll get a third of it checked off this year. MAYBE. Lol.  It's just fun to have something to look forward to even if it doesn't all get checked off.  I'm trying to embrace the flow of life more lately.  Quit making so many to-do lists and savor more of the moments.  I'm trying to slow down.  I'm a fast-paced chick in a lot of ways, but need my down time.  Holidays bring out the down time in me.  I know it's the busiest time of year too, but man oh man, I love me some chillaxin'.  Especially some holiday chillaxin' Christmas music,  stuffed Turkey Day bellies, family galore, Hallmark movies (don't even hate...I blame my momma!), baking, parties, crafts, giving.

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