26 January 2017

Reese's 3rd Birthday!

I could spend about an hour ranting about how much I'm over the winter and all the sickness that comes with it, but I'll just delve right into our baby girl's 3rd birthday!  Even though sickness stole the celebration from her haha.

The first two weeks of December were brutal for our family.  Lots of sickness, no fun.  Well the week before Reese's birthday, she was starting to act more like herself and finally seemed to come out of the funk!  So we pulled together a last minute princess party with her cousins.  She wore her favorite princess dress at the time, Rapunzel, and we were off to celebrate! But lo and behold as soon as we finished dinner, poor Reese was completely out of it.  It was like all the excitement and locomotion was just too much too soon!  She was snuggling her daddy most of the night, while I did some princess games with the cousins.  I felt so horrible she couldn't enjoy her birthday and felt even worse like it was maybe too much too soon!  Her cousins were just the sweetest to her, as well as her aunts and uncles.  They love their Reese, and I'm so grateful for how much they do.

Thankfully, after coming home and going right to bed, getting a good sleep, she woke up, the morning of her actual birthday, feeling much better! The best birthday gift ever!  We had her eat her birthday pancakes and open a couple presents, and she was happy as could be.  She's just a happy, easy-going girl lately.  The littlest things brighten her day, and she's a constant reminder to us to live simply and enjoy each moment.  She's a ray of sunshine in our home, and there would be such a hole in our hearts without her here with us! 

Later in the evening, we had her open up some gifts from the party the night before that we didn't get to because she was feeling so sick, and I think she about had a heart attack with all the princess swag. LOL.  She was struttin' around in her Elsa outfit like she was the talk of the town. 

Grandma and Grandpa Barrett also came down to wish her a happy birthday and open some presents.  We sure love having a set of grandparents close by, but we sure miss her other grandparents too!  She is loved so much by all her grandparents.  You are one lucky lady Roni!

Bottom line is we couldn't be more lucky to be your parents Reesey.  You have a contagious, bubbly personality that has lightened our life and brought us so much joy.  Every morning you greet us with the sweetest, "Hi mom!" and it melts my heart every morning.  You run up to us randomly to give us big squeezes, and you've always been such a good listener.  You already watch out for your baby bro Riggs and are always making sure he's part of whatever you're doing.  You love to include him in all your adventures and pretending.  We love you angel!  Don't you ever change!

Happy 3rd Birthday!

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