06 November 2016

Letter for my Babes

Dear Babes, 

I pray you always stay positive.  That you see the good in everyone.  That you CHOOSE to let light in your life and to rise above whatever sour lemons may be handed to you.  

"Heavenly Father is constantly raining blessings upon us. It is our fear and doubt that, like an umbrella, block these blessings from reaching us."

In this video, I think it's interesting how the woman at first recognizes those blessings falling.  She is happy and unaffected by the people around her.  Then she recognizes how people are looking at her.  She sees that she is different.  It seems to make her question the joy she is feeling.  She follows suit and opens her umbrella.  But then she sees a flower sprouting from the sewer.

She is reminded of the MANY blessings she has in her life.  She sees the good again.  Despite how the world perceives her.

This was my interpretation of this little Mormon Message today.  It was a much needed reminder. 

I hope that y'all will not be affected by those around you who may perceive your happiness as childish.  Those that think you do not understand the world and its heartache.  Those who might think you are too sheltered from the world.  That your happiness is over the top or immature.  Even naive.  

Don't you dare let the world taint your happiness.  Don't you let what others think make you feel silly for letting your light shine.

Shine bright my babes.  Be happy.  See the blessings that God is pouring down on you.  I know it's hard sometimes.  Really hard.  But the blessings are there.  I swear!!!

Be proud of who you are and dare to be different!

Love, Yo Momma

Source: Living the Gospel Joyful

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