17 October 2016

Day 5: Little Things

A writing memoir prompt series by Ann Dee Ellis that I found through the C. Jane Kendrick blog. I'll be trying my hand at these 8 minute memoirs because I miss writing, and I need something relatively productive to use my brainpower for that doesn't involve the ABCs or 123s. #momlife #poundit

That look on Rigg's face when he knows he's being naughty.
Reese asking for a hug lately, wrapping her arms tight around me and tickling my back while we hug.
Memories of watching Harry Potter movies with my siblings around Christmas time.
Treats from my visit teachers even when I completely forget about our appointments.
Riggs busting a move to Justin Timberlake.
Reese smiling so cute when I get excited about her pooping on the toilet. 
Riggs waddling around with his bottle before bedtime.
Halo top ice cream after kids are in bed.
Buns doing the dishes, even if was just because he was rectifying an argument.
A clean living room.
Making a fall and winter bucket list.
Holding Reese's hand.
Kissing Riggs juicy cheeks.  Those real big suction cup kisses. Like 20 of them.  In a row.
Protein hot chocolate.
Making plans for a magical summer.
Reading Harry Potter books in the fall.
My 3rd grade class I student taught.  Faith.  She was my favorite student.
Back tickles from Buns.

It really is the little things that make life so beautiful!

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