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Hey y'all! (Because how do you really start off the "About Me" section of your blog?)  Let's start from the beginning.  I grew up in Virginia until high school, and then my family moved to Tennessee (hallelujah!), which is where I claim home.  I love Tennessee, and if the stars align maybe Todd, I and our little family will end up there someday.  After graduating high school, I made my way to Provo, Utah to go to school at Brigham Young University.  There I studied Elementary Education and graduated last year.  I love teaching!  Once our kids are all in school, I hope to find myself back in the classroom!

My junior year at BYU, I moved in with the family I nannied for, and let me tell ya...divine intervention that I finally made the decision to do that, because it was in that house that I met my one and only, Todd "Buns" Barrett.  We met playing football at an activity at our church.  It was love at first throw.  I remember eyeing Todd after he threw a long pass to his friend.  I was hooked.  We started dating after only two dates!  I loved spending every second with him, and it didn't take long for us to know that we wanted to spend every second together for the rest of our lives and then some.  Three short months later we were engaged!  Todd proposed to me in the gazebo in his parents backyard up by his childhood home near the Provo Temple.  Up to that point, it was the happiest and most tender moment of my life.  Sweet merciful, I remember looking at him and knowing without a doubt I was marrying the man of my dreams!

The two months before we got married felt like forever!  We couldn't wait to be married for time and all eternity.  When we talked about where we wanted to get married, it wasn't hard to decide at all.  One night we were walking around The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint Provo Temple, and sat at the very top of the hill above the temple.  We were looking at the temple, then at each other, and seriously knew exactly what was on each others' mind.  The Provo Temple it was!  It was where our story was written, Provo, UT, and that's where we wanted to be married and sealed forever.   

We got married on November 17, 2012.  One of the happiest days of my life.  I remember being on cloud nine all day.  I was so twitter-pated it was embarrassing.  There was no one else I wanted to spend forever with and was so grateful to celebrate that with all the people we love.  Our family and friends made it such a special day for us and did so much to make it beautiful.  I will always hold that day so close to my heart.  I will always think of that day when we drive by that temple.  I love having it so close to us.  I don't know if that will always be the case, but I'll soak it up while it is.

After we got married, we moved into our first apartment together in Orem, UT.  Two semesters later, I graduated from BYU!  Finally!  A month before I graduated, Todd and I found out some of the greatest news ever...we were pregnant!  We waited to tell everyone until after graduation, and then revealed the crazy news!  We were so excited, but as soon-to-be, totally newbie parents, we were also very nervous.  We didn't know what was in store for us or our family, but we did know that Baby Barrett was coming right when he/she was supposed to.

At 17 weeks, we found out we were having...A GIRL!  We for sure thought it was going to be a boy, but after the shock wore off, we were stoked to have a little baby girl!  We knew right after we found out, that she would be named Reese Lynn, after my mom, Lynn Ashton.  Let's just say that Reese was the most beautiful and perfect addition to our family.  She has helped us grow so much, and we love her more than we ever thought we would.  We continue to learn each day how to be better parents and that can provide very humbling experiences, but we'd go through all the hard things over and over again if it meant we got Reese.

This blog is a venue for the things that make me happy.  First, foremost, and mostly about my family and what I learn everyday from being a mom and wife.  Sharing experiences that make me laugh, cause me to cry, or require me to learn.

Occasionally you will find me writing and sharing about fashion and beauty.  Things I love and enjoy!  I feel like my love for all things pretty and beautiful comes from my momma.  If I was ever feeling down growing up (even in college), she would tell me to shower and get myself dressed up.  She would say, "Make yourself feel pretty sweetheart."  I think there is such beauty in that idea.  We are in control of how we feel about ourselves, and when we take care of ourselves and find joy in the beauty around us, I really believe it affects your day so much!  After I had Reese, there was a lot of slouchy, no make-up, scrubbish kind of days. And understandably for any mom, post baby, because being a mom (especially with a new baby) is hard work and extremely taxing.  But one day I decided that I needed to make myself feel pretty and ready to tackle the day.  Dress for success kind of concept.  And Y'ALL...it changed the way my days went.  I woke up, showered, shaved my legs (that still doesn't necessarily happen everyday haha), did my hair, put on makeup, and pulled together a cute outfit that was comfy but made me feel pretty.  This might sound vain and not important, but there is something to be said about starting the day off right, and that was one of the things I discovered made the difference for me.  And I enjoyed it!  And this is what part of this blog is all about...beauty from the inside-out.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me and through the process, find it uplifting, honest, and maybe on a good day, inspiring.  Because we're all in this together (not to quote High School Musical, but yeah), and I've found life is more beautiful when its shared with the people you love.

, Ashton Tilton

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